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I first met Will in 2007 when I was charged with a very serious felony. I had a consultation and Will was very patient as I went through all the details. After his hard work for 16 months with states attorneys in Hillsborough criminal court trying to get the case dismissed he was able to work a plea. After serving almost 5 years probation, Will was able to get the probation terminated early.

Will was very generous in working out a contract and payment terms. He always made himself available for questions and concerns. If you are charged with any crime (and especially a sex crime) don’t hesitate to give Attorney Hanlon a call. I rate him highest merit and professionalism.

- Jerry

I found Will through Angie’s list – of all places. When I first met with Will the first thing he did was reassure me that we will get through this and that he would work for the best possible outcome. To me, that meant reducing the severity of the charge and perhaps probation. He articulated what his plan was to addressing the issues and an approximation of the time it might take. I spoke several times with Will and although briefly on each occasion, he gave me exactly the information I needed. Sometimes things were vague, but such is the nature of this process sometimes.

On a personal level I believe Will to be an honest person with a high degree of integrity. He did not lead me on, but kept me informed. His staff was always professional and I was never made to feel judged.

The results that Will got on my behalf exceeded my wildest expectations. It has been only 20 days since my arrest and Will was successful in avoiding any charges being filed. Just so those of you that might be reading these reviews don’t think that the charge was serious – it was. It was a 3rd degree felony charge (sex crime) and would have most certainly ruined my life, relationships and been even more difficult for my family. Because of Will’s knowledge of the system and credibility with law enforcement, he accomplished what I only dreamed would be the outcome – no charges filed.

I hope to never need Will’s services again, but I do highly recommend him professionally as someone that will work hard to achieve the best results for you. I see that others that have commented in a way that contradicts this, but my experience with Will resulted in a positive outcome and I recommend that if you are looking for or in need of a criminal defense attorney – the first call you make should be to William W Hanlon.

- Criminal Defense Client

I had hired him as my lawyer in 2008. He helped me a lot . He is very intelligent, aggressive, and, helpful. I am stress-free because of him.

- Jessica

I had a case that went on for almost a year. It was an assault and battery charge against me.Will got the charge’s dropped showing I had good reason for what happened. He is one smart man when it come’s to showing your innocent if you are innocent of the charge he will prove it to the court.If you ever need a GREAT LAWYER do yourself a favor talk to William Hanlon he will do all that’s in his power to help you and other’s.

- Norman

William helped me tremendously with my case. The charges that were against me were dismissed and now I can live without the stress of the allegations over my head. Thank you.

- Domestic Violence Client

Mr. Hanlon was extremely professional in handling my DUI case. His office was very helpful in answering all my questions. I was so pleased when he reduced my charge from a DUI to Reckless Driving. It was a weight off my shoulders. I would highly recommend him for any DUI case based on his high success rate in reducing the charges. Thanks again Mr. Hanlon.

- Steve

Mr. Hanlon has the confidence and experience you need when dealing with possible criminal charges. He was able to get a no file for the charges. My son was facing serious charges that would have impacted the rest of his life. He is immediately responsive and very available for questions or concerns.

- Criminal Defense Client

Despite my incredibly delicate situation, not once did Will Hanlon exhibit anything but the utmost confidence in my position, as well as my case. My ex-wife, who initially became my wife through a court house union after lying about a pregnancy, confessed to having made false rape accusations against another member in the military. His investigation was current at the time of her confession. Already feeling trapped with the marriage by her threats to make false accusations against me if I ever attempted to leave her, I found the confession to be a perfect exit. I told her that not only would I not stay with her, but that I would report her for the false rape accusation against the other military member, if she did not come clean herself. She was prompt in going to the military to report false accusations against me. After a thorough investigation, the military not only dropped the investigation against me, but opened one against her. The day that this happened, my ex-wife went to the civilian police to file an official report, this time with a significantly more dramatic and violent false accusation, presenting self-inflicted cut marks, which she performed in front of me one night with a piece of glass she picked up after breaking a wine glass, blaming me for her behavior. “I shall finally be worth something to you in my death, since you certainly do not value me alive. Perhaps you will appreciate my life insurance,” she exclaimed while while cutting herself. However, her claim to the police was that I was responsible for the wounds on her leg. I was arrested and charged with three felonies.

Will never hesitated about the validity of my claim, nor did he ever seem concerned with the strength of our case, and to which outcome it would eventually lead. He did, however, acknowledge the severity of the claim and was incredible with keeping both my parents and I informed with the progression of the case. I found out a little over a week ago that his due diligence and thorough understanding of the law led to the DA choosing to throw out all three felony charges before ever taking the case to court.

Hiring a good Criminal Defense attorney can be expensive, but at the end of the day, a life unmarred by a criminal record far outweighs any monetary expenses.

- Criminal Defense Client

Will is a exceptional Lawyer he helped my husband & I understand what was going during the entire process. The case turned out to be more complex than expected, Will got my case dismissed. I would recommend Will Hanlon to any one who needs a lawyer who is fighter!

- Criminal Defense Client

I was charged with, solicitation to commit lewd and lascivious conduct and transmission of harmful material. I contact Mr. Hanlon, and hired him immediately. I can/could not stress enough the amount of stress and worry that this case caused me. Mr. Hanlon settled that stress and got the charges lowered, without having to do any jail/prison time. It is a very scary process for someone who has never been convicted of a crime. -Thank you Mr. Hanlon for revealing that stress, and handling these 2 charges! Highly recommended! I truly appreciate all your help!

- Hunter

I had a case where I was illegally pulled over and Hanlon told before I paid that he would do everything possible and that he would go for case dismiss and that’s exactly what he did and I’m so grateful for Hanlon thank you!!!!

- Luis

Will was extremely helpful in a difficult situation. He was calming and understood how to deal with the various phases of my problem. He followed my wishes and the case closed without prosecution.

- Criminal Defense Client

Mr. Hanlon was extremely professional and kept me informed every step of the way in my case. I was even able to get in touch with him on the weekends. He always returned my calls extremely fast, usually within a few hours, and sometimes within minutes. He made me feel like he truly cared about my individual situation. In my opinion he was very aggressive in my case and I felt he did everything possible to defend and win my case. I definitely will recommend him to anyone searching for a good attorney.

- Edward

Am a dad in my 50’s who all MY life lived for my (4) children, sacrificed my desires for I fathered them. Now I was accused of touching them wrongly due to hugs, due to playful acts on my part. my youngest daughter (17) wanted freedom, she felt she was entitled to something more then ( food, clothing and housing) so she and my 32 year old daughter concocted a plan to get her out of her home, for it was more funnier ( her words) at my second oldest daughter home. When this all started, child welfare came to my home and accused me of touching her wrongly, I was devastated, my life just fell apart in one day AND lasted 70 days, my heart was torn from my chest . My entire reputation, my life was at stake and me and my family’s future was in jeopardy, we could not sleep, we could not eat, we could not concentrate on our business. Mr Hanlon proved my innocence and my life was restored, our mental state was restored, my wife and I cant say enough for what he has preserved. I would recommend him to all in need of his services. He was caring, understanding, and gentle, in how he handled my case, and successful in the results of innocence.

- Richard

Mr. Hanlon was with me every step of the process and never made me feel as though I had anything to worry about. Everything he told me would happen in our first meeting is precisely what took place and I will be forever grateful.

- Frank

I was very scared of being falsely accused of assault and had no idea what to do. I happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was recommended to call Will and he would assist me with the alleged accusations. Will met with me the following day and started on my case. Will truly believed in me and knew I was not capable of the charges that I was facing, it’s just not me. Will assured me we would get through this and it would be a “no file”. Will wrote a letter and I provided him with Character Letter’s from my friends and colleagues. Will provided this information to the State Attorney’s office and requested a no file based on the characters that accused me. Every time I called Will he would answer my calls, if he was in court he would call me right back same day. We received a No File from the State Attorney’s office within 30 days from the date I met him. I would recommend Will to anyone in a difficult situation.

- Criminal Defense Client

Will Hanlon is an excellent attorney. Was facing a possession of cannabis charge, NOLLE PROSSED. It’s hard to trust people these days, you can trust this guy. What he said in the original consultation was what he made happen. I cannot wait to personally refer someone to him.

- Aaron

Child molestation, abuse and shared drug use were the charges we faced, submitted by teenage step daughters who would do anything to move out of our home to live with their biological father. Devastating and appalling are two words to describe our feelings when confronted by Child Protective Services along and a Sheriff’s Detective to discuss the allegations. We’d never been through something so devastating and truly did not know where to turn other then the internet. After hours of research, and with the help of AVVO, we decided to talk with Mr. Hanlon about the charges. I contacted Mr. Hanlon at 7:30am from the number listed on his web site, to my surprise he answered (not a machine or secretary) and arranged a meeting with us just a few hours later. He instantly put our worries of the unknown to rest, informing us of the laws surrounding the allegations and showing us how they were written so we had no questions on what to expect. Mr. Hanlon was very knowledgeable, compassionate and aggressive, instantly he became part of our lives and treated us like family. “If you need me call me” he always answered or called back within minutes, saying Mr. Hanlon is a great communicator is an understatement. He instantly becomes your best friend, brother, father however you want look at it he is with you as you go through the worst time of your life! Without his direction and encouragement we would not be where we are today, both physically and mentally! If you are in need of an attorney I would highly encourage you to call William Hanlon, if you do you will instantly be impressed!

- Criminal Defense Client

Excellent attorney! Will handled my petty theft case with the utmost professionalism & kept me informed of my options and choices every step of the way. The evidence was highly circumstantial & predatory, but luckily the while case was null processed. I highly recommend Will because of his expertise & knowledge.

- Criminal Defense Client

Will Hanlon was a lifesaver to me and my fiancé. He not only met us for the first time to discuss our case on a weekend morning, but was willing to sit down and talk with us anytime we needed to or had a concern, whether that be in person or over the phone. He kept us well informed of what needed to be done with our case and made it a breeze to get through. He also had the charges dropped, which makes for an excellent lawyer in our book.

- Denise & James

I retained Mr Hanlon for two cases I had for domestic battery and marijuana possession. I had outstanding warrants on these charges for almost two years and I now live in Arizona. The charges and warrants haunted my life. They made it very difficult for me to move on, or gain any success with employment. I returned to Florida and ended up arrested in Family court, after the judge learned of my warrants. My Hanlon had me ROR’d the following morning. I returned to Arizona and awaited trial. Mr Hanlon was able to file a waiver of appearance so I did not have to return to Florida. He handled both cases very quickly and without me present. The end result was all three charges on two separate cases were dismissed. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service I received from Mr. Hanlon. Both him and his assistant Kathy were a pleasure to work with. They were both very informative and quick to respond to any inquiries I had. I would definitely hire Mr Hanlon again, if needed. I also highly recommend him to anyone needed an excellent criminal defense attorney.

- Ashley

Mr. Hanlon represented me for DUI and criminal mischief charges. His reassurances that he would handle the details of the case made a difficult situation go quite smoothly. He was successfully able to get my charges reduced and dismissed based on his expertise and experience. I would highly recommend Will Hanlon for your legal defense.

- James

I was involved in a Misdemeanor case with 3 charges total, two of which were drug related. The first was a Disorderly Conduct, giving grounds for search. This charge was dropped for lack of evidence but, photos in discovery were altered to appear as if I had left paraphernalia in plain sight. It is hard to fight the word of police and pictures. There was also a big risk, any drug conviction would mean the loss of licenses required for my line of work. Will negotiated with the ADA to accept a Nolo Contendere on the Disorderly Conduct, with Adjudication Withheld- paying only court costs- and the other two charges were completely dropped. It’s not the perfect outcome of course, but it was the safest choice and allows me to continue to work in my profession and take care of my family and myself. I am thankful to Will for such a positive outcome of a negative situation!

- William

Will Hanlon came to the rescue when I was accused of domestic violence by a woman who had ulterior motives. She would herself become violent when confronted about the drugs she abuses. It would become necessary for me to struggle with her in order to extricate myself from the situation and get out of the range of her attacks. My nose was broken and cut several times during these incidents. On one occasion, during our struggle, we lost our footing and fell to the floor breaking her jaw. After three days I convinced her to let me take her to the hospital. A week and a half later I was served with an injunction and forced out of my own apartment. She had lived with me for the previous year at my expense. She contributed nothing toward the household.

I was beside myself worrying about the felony charges pending over this incident. Will arranged to get me enrolled in the Pre Trial Intervention (PTI) program and the charges were never filed. He and his staff were proactive in handling all the paperwork for me and ensured that I was able to return home.

I was again convinced to let the same woman and her daughter live with me, believing that she was getting help with her issues. She reverted to old behavior not long after. I had fraudulent accounts and charges opened without my knowledge. I also became aware that she was meeting men while I would be at home with her daughter. When I approached her about her drug use and infidelities, she again became combative. Out of frustration, I threw an air freshener dispenser on the ground which unfortunately struck her in the foot. She called the police while continuing the argument. I was arrested and coincidentally unable to attend the first meeting with the case worker in the PTI program from the first case. Again Will went to work. The new charges were dropped and I am being reinstated into the PTI program over the first charges.

- Domestic Violence Client

I was involved in a sports related fight in the Spring. It was a mutual fray and thought nothing of it after the game. I was shocked to see a deputy show up at my doorstep and state the guy I fought was pressing charges. Will was recommended to me by a co-worker who had a speeding ticket dismissed by Will. Will was very friendly upon meeting him and I retained his services the same day. I felt comfortable with him and he seemed very concerned with a defendant’s rights, particularly in self-defense. The charges had not yet been filed and I was looking at a possible felony battery due to the injuries the guy sustained. The charge filed was a misdemeanor battery. Due to my job I was very concerned with the case. There was quite a bit of paperwork filed by Will’s office and I never had to appear which is good because I did not have to miss work. When the time came for the hearing Will was very aggressive with the prosecutor and judge in my innocence and told them we were prepared for a trial. This likely put the prosecutor and judge in a position to offer Misdemeanor Intervention Program. Where you pay a small restitution fee, community service and the case is destroyed or expunged. It is like a one-time mistake that you can erase or get a mulligan for. This was guaranteed as well and a trial is not. I thought a trial I would lose because they would likely just say guilty because I won the fight. Will allowed me to be able to keep this off my record and leave without paying a ridiculously high fee. I was very pleased with this outcome and would recommend Will confidently for anyone seeking legal counsel. His office is very conveniently located downtown near the courthouse.

- Steve

I am pleased with Mr. Hanlon’s commitment to is clients. He showed up at the jail on a Sunday with little regard to his own personal matters. When he took the job, he began immediately without hesitation to resolve the charges against me. Mr. Hanlon kept me and my fiancé informed of every step of the process. Excellent in all aspects of the profession.

- James

I was falsely accused of a crime that I did not commit. I contacted Mr Hanlon for a consultation and he accommodated me the next day. Mr Hanlon was able to ease that stress by listening to me and reviewing my case. He kept me calm in the darkest days of my entire life. It has been two months and the investigation in my case has been dismissed with no criminal charges filed . I would recommend Mr Hanlon to anyone needing serious legal defense.

- Domestic Violence Client

Will Hanlon is a well known and respected lawyer. He has kept me out of prison two times now. My bond was $65,000 and by some work of god, he got me released on my own recognizance and placed on probation. Once I was on probation I violated with a new charge. Again, Will saved the day and kept me out of prison once more by working his magic and getting my placed BACK on probation. I would bet the bank on Mr. Hanlon and will always look to him for my legal issues!!

- Brendyn

The name of “Miracle Worker” was derived from the judge quoting “that a miracle is a great thing that probably would not be able to be achieved again” in the case that if my son were to violate probation a second time he would be saved from a minimum 5 year prison sentence! The story is that Mr. Will Hanlon was able to save my 21 year old son from being convicted of 11 felonies (yes, ELEVEN)! Not only were they withheld, they were to be sealed onto his juvenile record enabling him a future without an exposed record of being charged with these felonies. Once my son violated probation with another irrational and idiotic decision (an additional non-related felony charge), Will was able to negotiate the felony to a misdemeanor charge with reinstatement of probation along with withhold of felony convictions once more. Again, even the judge called it a miracle!! During my communication with Will over the last 2 years, I have been thoroughly impressed with not only response time, but the extreme practicality of how information was transferred. In other words, he was professional, elaborate, and very articulate. He also displayed unwavering confidence in his knowledge when we spoke of procedure and law relevant to my son’s case. If Will was unavailable or in court, there were times when his assistant, Kathy, was quick to answer any questions we had with a very personal touch (very understanding of the emotional trauma involved)! I am a Tampa native and have had a professional practice of my own for well over a decade and when I say that my experience was satisfactory, I mean that he gets the job done and is able to be personable along the way. He was referred to us by friends with well known presence in the Tampa bay area and I would count on Will for any task that he tells you he can handle. He wouldn’t tell you he could otherwise.

- Don

I was facing 15 years in prison in a blink of an eye. An irrational mistake spun out-of-control cost me my career, relationships, and my freedom. I had no previous charges, so jail was traumatizing as I encountered subhuman treatment. Bugs were crawling everywhere in my cell, guards bantered I would not be granted bail based on my charges, claiming they were out of toilet paper and blankets; it was surreal. Within the first 24 hours I was contemplating suicide; I could not endure the thought of my elderly mom passing while I was in prison.

Upon bail, I needed to find representation quickly. I insisted on hiring the first attorney I talked to, because the web was saturated with options. I promptly changed my mind as attorneys began calling me back. They sounded unsure, monotone, un-apathetic, slightly lethargic, and a couple didn’t even want to hear the details of my situation. They reminded me of old dogs sitting on a porch. I began remembering horror stories from friends who described their previous attorneys as “just not giving a damn.”

When I called Mr. Hanlon, he actually answered the phone personally. He sounded alive and confident, and he wanted to know the details of my case. If I didn’t know any better, he was already assembling a strategy in his head to save my behind. I thought to myself, “This guy is a tiger.” However, he was also empathetic; he had a humane character. I immediately felt assured and comfortable speaking with him; disclosing to him that I was scared and nearing an emotional breakdown. He gave me examples of previous cases similar to mine that he had represented where he was able to attain dismissal of all charges. He even began working on my case before I rendered payment for his services.

I felt confident of my decision to hire Mr. Hanlon through the whole process. He took care of everything and communicated with me personally through every step. He is knowledgeable, experienced, organized, and professional. It was comparable to a house lifted from my shoulders when he called me with the good news. My confidence in him allowed me to rest assured while he worked on my case, which enabled me to focus on a new career and regain my life. I am forever grateful to him. If you need aggressive, experienced, and professional representation – don’t hire an old dog – hire a tiger. William Hanlon saved my life…period.

- Sebastian

Mr Hanlon helped me make a mistake less painful. After being arrested with a DUI, I went to him the next day for a consultation. He explained to me my situation and my future options; I hired him and was glad I did. He fought for me and got me the best possible outcome, reckless driving with withhold adjudication and no community service. I will always be thankful to him and recommend him to people I know.

- DUI Client

Will helped me dramatically with my DUI case. I originally started out with a Felony DUI where I was facing jail time and a ten year loss of drivers license. As a newly graduated college student, I was very scared about getting a felony and never being able to get the career level job I need. Continuing graduate school onward to finish a doctorate degree was in jeopardy.

I needed someone that was confident and understood the importance of this case, and it being imperative that he either get the charges dropped or at the least get them lowered. Will did what he said he was going to do for me which was get my charges lowered to a reckless driving and continue on with my life, school, and career. That was the biggest thing in hiring Will was he was going to do what he said he was going to do for me and my family.

Will definitely succeeded in this case and I would hire him again for any legal matter I needed handled, he is worth every penny I paid. The case outcome was a big relief to myself, family, and friends when he helped me get the result I needed. I recommend Will’s knowledge, business manor, value, and years of experience to anyone needing legal representation.

- DUI Client

I was falsely accused of a crime that I did not commit. I was referred to Mr Hanlon form another lawyer who stated he was a good lawyer. I contacted Mr Hanlon for a consultation and he accommodated me the same day. Some other lawyers tried to give me an appointment for a few days later! In the time of legal stress no one wants to wait just to speak to a lawyer and Mr Hanlon was able to ease that stress by listening to and reviewing my case. It has been five months and my case has been dismissed form the States Attorney’s office with no charges filed against me. I would recommend Mr Hanlon to anyone needing serious legal defense.

- Unspecified Client

Mr. Hanlon was able to get misdemeanor charges dropped against me within 2 1/2 months of the incident. I was looking for a lawyer on New Year’s day and sent a couple of emails to local lawyers asking for a consultation. Mr. Hanlon called me within a couple of hours even though he was on vacation and it was New Year’s day. He put me at ease with everything by being responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to walk me through each step of the process. He attended all of the court dates for me (there were 3 or 4), so I did not have to take time away from work to attend. Any time I had a question, he or his, equally amazing, assistant were very pleasant and helpful. In the end, Mr. Hanlon was able to get the charges dropped against me and now is working to get everything expunged.

- Criminal Defense Client

When I first went through my whole legal situation, I was extremely stressed out about not only the situation as a whole, but with the whole process to get rid of everything. When I talked to Will, he told me to not worry about i t anymore and that he had been doing this for a long time. He looked me in the eyes and said he would take care of it. I put my trust in Will and I can say I made the right decision. He got my case dropped for me without me having to do anything. His communication with me during the process was great. If you’re in trouble with the law, I highly recommend using Will as your lawyer. Now that my case is dropped, I will continue to support his business by getting my record expunged.

- Criminal Defense Client

I don’t know where to begin when describing the services of Mr William Hanlon. I had just moved to Tampa through the military and was pulled over on the way home from picking my brother up from the airport. The officer claimed he smelled alcohol but would not give me a on the spot breathalyzer. I was given a field sobriety test but Claimed I failed it. I was then arrested and taken downtown where after booking I was offered to take a breathalyzer test which I refused. Very next day I contacted Mr Hanlon and he met with me on a Saturday even thought he wasn’t open. He told me he was always available and I could contact him on his cell. I stressed to him that a DUI could destroy my military career as well as my clearance. He made me feel very comfortable and contacted me through the process with updates. I felt that he was personally working as hard as he could for me and I knew he had other cases going on. The price was very affordable and worth every penny. Mr Hanlon had my case dropped and my job off my back in a matter of two months. I hope I will never need another lawyer but if I did I would go rite back, and would recommend civilians and definitely military to Mr Hanlon.

- DUI Client

Will Hanlon is an overall exceptional person to meet. When he came in contact with my case he knew first hand that he was going to get the job done. At the time I was an emotional wreak and did not know what would happen. First, Will met me in his office on a Sunday morning and gathers as much information as possible. The next day Will was contacting the States Attorney’s Office learning more about my case. I listened to him and followed his strategy and he actually did it! He was able to get the charges dismissed! I was even surprised how fast he got my case dismissed despite all the horrible allegations made against me. If you have criminal charges pending against you I would make my first call to Will… I got my life back and with no criminal charges.. Cant say enough.

- Criminal Defense Client

I asked Mr. Hanlon to represent me over a year ago and I refuse to go with someone else now. He was honest with me the entire time he has represented me. He made me feel calm through major crimes from sealing a felony to serious 3rd DUI charges with another list of charges that had serious consequences simultaneously. Charges like every lawyer I called either hung the phone up on me because it wasn’t possible or just told me it wasn’t possible. All I did was get lucky when I called and spoke to he’s paralegal. She is the most resourceful person I now know. My case was dismissed and my record is sealed. They saw a way to help me get another chance at life and seen it through. He was always up front with me, and knows the law. Mr. Hanlon seemed like a good family man that is just doing the best job he can… And it definitely showed.

- Jesse

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