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Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery Charges

Robbery is one of the most common criminal offenses that lay people think of when discussing criminal offenses. This is probably because robbery is the type of crime that is commonly depicted in popular media. Robbery is also an offense that is commonly sensationalized by the media and heavily reported on when citizens are victimized by robbers. Robbery, along with attracting the attention of the media and of Hollywood, attracts the attention of police, prosecutors and judges. Robbery is not a crime that is taken lightly by those in the system, so anyone arrested for robbery should immediately contact a dedicated Sarasota criminal defense lawyer for advice.

Criminal offenses can often be lumped together into three general categories. The first is drug offenses. Drug offenses have historically been treated extremely seriously based on increased attention thanks to the nationwide war on drugs. As liberal politics and activism has addressed the inequality rampant in drug prosecutions, the justice system has begun to shift toward treatment over incarceration for drug offenders. Most property crimes are punished similarly The second category is property offenses. Crimes like grand theft, fraud and larceny fall in this category. And the final category is violent crime. Violent offenses are obviously prosecuted zealously and often carry significant criminal penalties including prison, probation and fines. Robbery is one of the criminal charges that straddles the line between property crimes and violent offenses.

The legislature of our State has made sure to pay extra attention to crimes that are committed with deadly weapons or firearms. At the heart of all criminal laws is the desire of society to protect the citizens of a state from violence and loss of property. Because firearms and other weapons cause such a staggering loss of life in this nation, lawmakers have added even stricter penalties that enhance most criminal offenses, including robbery. Due to the serious penalties that accompany convictions for such charges, hiring a dedicated Sarasota criminal defense lawyer is critical to your chances.

Elements of Robbery With a Weapon

Robbery, as a crime that encompasses both property offenses and violent crimes, has elements of both categories of crime. Under Florida Statute 812.13, robbery with a weapon is defined as "the taking of money or other property that may be the subject of larceny from the person or owner of the money or property, when in the course of the taking there is the use of force , violence, assault, or putting in fear." For the most part, the elements of robbery seem very similar to those of grand theft. The additional elements of "force, fear or violence" are what separate robbery from more innocuous property crimes.

Robbery on its own with no enhancements is a second degree felony punishable by up to fifteen years in prison; already significant penalties. However, the offense truly becomes scary when weapons or firearms are involved. If the state can prove that during the course of the robbery, the defendant carried a firearm, regardless of whether the firearm was used or even displayed, then the offense is transformed to armed burglary which is a punishable by life felony. Life felony offenses carry maximum penalties of life in prison along with many other penalties and restrictions.

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